Student Guide To St. Louis

Relocating To St. Louis

St. Louis, MO, is a vibrant and exciting city to live in, with a diverse amount of culture and attractions. That is why it is visited by thousands of tourists every year and so many people choose to call the city home. With Wash U and SLU located within the city limits, a portion of the population is made up of students.

Whether you are a student or professional planning on moving to St. Louis, you are sure to find something you love about this diverse city. At Everly On The Loop, we provide some of the best apartments in St. Louis with world-class amenities for comfortable and luxurious living.

Living In St. Louis

When looking for St. Louis apartments to live in, it is important to take into consideration the neighborhoods of the city and what each of them has to offer. Each neighborhood has its unique characteristics and atmosphere that will match up with certain lifestyles. Some of the most popular areas to live in St. Louis include:

Central West End

Central West End is home to various galleries, antique shops, restaurants, boutiques, cafés, and pubs. Despite its many attractions and the tourists that visit the area, it is still a calm and relaxing place to live. Its charm is often referred to as a mix between a little European and a little New York.

The Loop

The Loop is one of the favorite areas to live for students. It has a lively, contemporary atmosphere while also being a historic neighborhood. The area is surrounded by international and American restaurants, coffee shops, music clubs, boutiques, and a lot more entertainment.


Downtown St. Louis is one of the biggest hot spots in the city and a big attraction for tourists. The area has undergone many changes throughout the years and has become a place where business and entertainment meet. The area is known for its many venues, restaurants, shops, and cafés, and it is also home to all kinds of people, from students to professionals. Its location also makes it perfect for WUSTL apartments.

Places To Visit

Places To Eat

Apartments For Rent In St. Louis, MO

Moving to a new city is an exciting time and it often opens up a world of opportunity with lots of new and fun experiences. With some information on the city, you can start exploring and eventually discover some St. Louis gems of your own. At Everly On The Loop, we provide luxury Wash U and SLU apartments for rent. Contact us today today to schedule a tour!